Where to Eat in Julian, CA

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Julian Beer Company | Places to eat in Julian, CA

I regularly get asked, "Where is a good place to eat in Julian?" That answer depends on what kind of food you like. The good news is our local restaurants are putting out their best dishes ever! Julian is on it’s way to becoming a food destination. Not only can you find a variety of cultural foods, dietary options (vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free) there are also dog-friendly dining options. Not bad for a tiny town!

Casual Dining

Colt’s Burger Bar

Colt’s Burger Bar is located inside the Julian Station. Here you can find Julian’s only burger cooked on an open grill. Their ½-pound grass-fed beef burgers are cooked perfectly to medium-rare and topped with fresh produce. Stop by to see what daily specialty burgers they are cooking up.

Julian Beer Co. (JBC)

Julian Beer Company | Places to eat in Julian, CA

Julian Beer Co. is known for its freshly-made, smoked BBQ, hand-tossed pizza, and of course, their house-brewed beers. A large variety of indoor-outdoor seating makes this place a popular hangout spot. My personal favorites are their pizza and ribs.

Julian Tea Cottage

Julian Tea Cottage | Places to eat in Julian, CA

In 1995, Edie and Jim Seger bought the house to be the home of their business, Julian Tea & Cottage Arts. Come on in for afternoon tea (reservations recommended). You can also find a vast array of gift items, stationery, teas, and seasonal items. When you call to make your reservations, just mention your dietary needs, like being gluten-free, for example, and they will make sure to have something ready for you.

Miner’s Diner

Miner's Diner | Places to eat in Julian, CA

The list of things to do and see in Miner's Diner is endless. Throughout the diner, you can view the original vintage decor including vintage soda bottles, a US license plate collection, old medicine bottles, and so much more. You can take a seat at the original 1929 soda fountain or at a table. With either choice of seating, you're sure to have a unique 1930s dining experience. Their gold miners-inspired menu even has gluten-free and vegetarian options. My favorites are the Western Bacon Burger, the Veggie Melt (with bacon), the Ruben, the Grilled Cheese, the Miner's Melt, Chicken Tenders… Okay, clearly I love too many things to pick a favorite.

Julian Cafe

Julian Cafe | Places to eat in Julian, CA

The Julian Cafe serves everything from breakfast to dinner and of course apple pie for dessert. The Cafe opened in 1972. They have a pie window where they sell whole pies for those who don't want to wait in line for a table at the restaurant.

Jack's Grocery and Deli

Jack's Grocery and Deli | Places to eat in Julian, CA

Jack's Deli has a variety of warm and cold sandwiches as well as their grocery store options, which allow you to get a sandwich, chips, and a drink.


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