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Eva Hatch owner of Mountain Made lives a smal town lifestyle in Julian, CA.


I'm Eva.

I’m a twenty-something-year-old, entrepreneur, former elected offical, and a small-town girl defying gravity.

It all started as a childhood dream. 


As a young adolescent growing up in the small town of Julian, CA, there came a point when I realized I kept getting asked the same question, “Where can I buy items made in Julian?” At the time fresh-baked Julian Apple Pie was pretty much the only option. 


Being the crafty child I was, I collected ideas of potential merchandise I could sell. Most of my “playtime” was spent creating moc designs of my dream retail store and testing the manufacturing of product ideas I found. 


Fast forward 5 years, with the hope that my next career adventure could support myself after graduation, I began looking for a way to pay for my higher education. After lots of brainstorming, research, and calculations, this childhood dream seemed realistic. Mountain Made was born in July, 2017. 


As I have grown, so has the dream. At Mountain Made, our mission is to provide a quality line of locally-made merchandise that allows you to bring home a piece of the mountains and support the local community through your purchase. We believe whether you're a visitor, new to town, or a lifetime local, together we can create a more vibrant tomorrow for the beloved town of Julian. 


Utilizing a blend of candle-safe fragrance infused with natural essential oils, we are able to replicate true-to-life aromas that can be found in the San Diego backcountry allowing you to bring home the mountains like never before. Try one of our candles today. I promise you will love them just as much as you will love supporting a local business based in Julian, CA.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing to buy from Mountain Made.


God Bless,


Eva Hatch living the small town lifestyle in Julian, CA.

My Julian Favorites ​

Places to Eat

  1. Colt's Burger Bar- Burgers 

  2. Julian Beer Company- Ribs 

  3. Miner's Diner- Best milkshakes and breakfast

  4. Wynola Pizza- Chicken Cesar Pizza 

  5. Quecho Elevated Mexican Eatery- Burrito Bowl

  6. Soups and Such- Breakfast food 

Places to Stay

  1. Alter Experiences

  2. The Julian Inn 

  3. Quiet Oaks Manor 

Historic Must-sees

  1. Miner's Diner 

  2. Santa Ysabel Store 

  3. Santa Ysabel School House 

  4. Menghini Winery


  1. Oakwood Creek 

  2. Santa Ysabel General Store 

  3. Olive & Oak Antiques 

  4. Julian Imports 

Things To Do 

  1. Take a Carriage Ride

  2. Julian Pioneer Park Museums

  3. Oasis Camel Dairy 

  4. Hike to Green Valley Falls

Top Tips 

  1. Get your apple pie before 11 am 

  2. Visit on Super Bowl Sunday or while the San Diego Country Fair is going on to avoid crowds.

My Pie Order 

  1. Boysenberry Apple Crumb with Cinnamon Ice Cream 

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