The Best Picnic Spots in and Around Julian

Photo from Al Fresco Laze Picnics

San Diego’s weather sets the stage for year-round picnics with unbelievable views. You can choose from an ocean, mountain, or desert view as you dine! Where else can you do that? Whether you pack a lunch or order takeout, picnics are a quick way to cure cabin fever on the fly. Here are some of our top picks for picnic spots near Julian, CA.

Picnic Food

You can’t have a picnic without food, so let’s talk about our options:

705 Charcuterie

705 Charcuterie was founded by Diana, who grew up in Julian and is now attending nursing school. When you order one of her boxes, you not only are supporting her higher education, but you also get to sample locally sourced foods from a variety of San Diego vendors! Charcuterie boards are available in multiple sizes and can suit many dietary accommodations. To ensure a spread is ready for your picnic, order in advance. Pre-made boxes can be found at Regulars Wanted located in the Julian's Historic District. Speaking from personal experience, believe me when I say you will not be disappointed! These boxes are full of yummy gourmet finger foods.

Order Takeout

Julian is on its way to becoming a food destination. Not only can you find a variety of cultural foods and meals to suit many dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free), but there are also dog-friendly dining options. Not bad for a tiny town! Learn more about what your takeout options are by clicking here.