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San Diego County Snow Day News Press Kit 


Guide to Snow in The San Diego County Mountains 


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Key talking points:

  • Snow brings large crowds to the mountain regions. Expect traffic

  • The snow levels vary depending on the altitude. Visitors can check snow and traffic conditions on the Julian Webcam and Mount Laguna Webcam. 

  • Emergency resources, parking, bathrooms, and dining out options are very limited. 

  • Please only come if you know how to drive in snow and ice conditions. More information here

  • Visitors need to bring...

    • An AWD or 4WD vehicle with snow tires and working windshield wipers. 

    • Chains that fit your vehicle are frequently required by CHP. Please practice putting them on beforehand. 

    • Snow gear (snow gloves, waterproof pants, waterproof jacket, and waterproof boots), snow toys, and a change of clothes.

    • Water and food for your party,  on high tourism days restaurants have long wait times.  

  • Where To Play: The San Diego mountain communities do not have designated places for the public to play in the snow, like ski resorts. The following parks allow public day use: William Heise County Park, Jess Martin County Park, Julian Museum & Pioneer County Park, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Lake Cuyamaca Recreation & Park, Palomar Mountain State Park, and Cleveland National Park in Mount Laguna.

  • Do NOT play on private property, on the highway, in the Julian Pioneer Musem, or in Frank Lane Memorial Park. 

  • No parking means NO PARKING. Illegal parking adds to traffic congestion. Local law enforcement does patrol the area. Cars parked in no parking areas will be ticked and the vehicle may be towed.

  • Arrive well before noon if possible. Weekdays are the best time to come all year long especially when there's snow. 

  • Please do not litter. Do not leave trash of any kind including, but not limited to sleds, dirty diapers, snow gear, and more. Anyone who litters can be fined up to $1,000 and community service (see the law here). There is no local government entity to clean up after the visitors. Additionally, we have no way to dispose of the trash left behind. We ask that you please help us maintain a clean environment for the animals and the generations to come. 

  • We are very grateful for everyone who finically supports our community through purchases made at the local businesses. Without tourism, our local economy would greatly suffer. Every dollar spent is multiplied throughout our community. From creating jobs for locals to funding the nonprofits that support the community's needs. Tourism financially supports the mountain community. That being said the revenue it brings in isn’t enough to keep up with the infrastructure demand needed to support tourism on the scale we receive.

Photos and Videos 


Videos of visitors playing in the Julian Pioneer Cemetery"









Snow Day Photos Album containing photos by Eva Hatch, click here to view


Snow Day Traffic Maps Album screenshots by Eva Hatch, click here to view

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