You might be from Julian if...

Julian, CA
Julian, CA

Those of us who are lucky enough to live in Julian know that there are more than just a few things that make us unique. Along with our true four seasons of the year and beautiful natural landscape, There’s no place like home. Odds are this is a place you're definitely proud to call your home if you fall under any of these categories below. Here’s how you know you’re from Julian, CA...

  • Your ears don’t pop every time you go up and down the hill.

  • You know the “best” place to get pie. See our blog post.

  • You know every curve on Highway 78 and 79.

  • You wear a flannel shirt and Levi’s to Christmas and Easter church services.

  • You know where the road turnouts and passing zones are.

  • You're prepared for days without power.

  • You know the alternative routes to avoid tourist traffic.

  • Your internet bill says you have high speed, but you really have slow internet.

  • Your landline goes out every time it rains. Yes, you still have a landline because you get no cellphone service at your house.

  • You dream of going to the city or not.

  • When someone asks you what you do for nightlife and you can list 5 things.

  • You avoid town on weekends like the plague.

  • You can tell if someone lives in the city or the mountains by their driving.

  • You have to stop for turkey/deer/mountain lion etc. crossings.

  • Your nearest neighbor is a cow.

  • You have snow days.

  • You’ve driven over 30 minutes just for Starbucks, In-n-Out, or Chic-Fil-A.

  • Your family members think you are crazy for living in the “sticks.”

  • You understand that you will never be a “true” local by an oldtimer’s standard unless you’re a fifth-generation Julianite.