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You know you are in the mountains if…

Drone photo of Stonewall Peak near Julian, Ca

You know you are in the mountains if…

  1. Your ears pop anytime you change elevation.

  2. You have to remember to do the high-altitude recipe adjustment.

  3. You have to constantly check your tire pressure when you drive up and down the hill.

  4. You suddenly get thirsty out of the blue.

  5. You have to frequently rotate your tires.

  6. Your water bottle squirts all over you when you open it.

  7. You hear the long-forgotten plastic water bottles cracking in the car as you change altitude.

  8. You find your brand new tub of ice cream has expanded when you first open it.

  9. You see roadkill frequently.

  10. There’s little to no cell or internet service.

  11. Your noisy neighbor is a squirrel or a bird.

  12. It’s five o’clock and all the businesses are closed.


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