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Vegetarian and Vegan's Guide to Julian, CA

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

The mention of the words vegetarian or vegan can be an instant turn away for omnivores; I'm guilty of this myself. It seems like there's a common misconception that because something is vegetarian or vegan it lacks in taste. Speaking from experience, this could not be farther from the truth. I'm pleasantly surprised at how many delicious vegan/vegetarian options are available in little old Julian.



Vegetarian Option 1: Veggie Burger with french fries

Vegetarian Option 2: Veggie Melt french fries (a personal favorite of mine)

Vegetarian Option 3: Garden Salad

Vegan Option 1: Veggie Melt without cheese

Vegan Option 2: Garden Salad without cheese

Vegan Option 3: Avocado Toast with grilled onions and mushrooms

Gluten-free bread or lettuce wrap is available.



Vegan Option 1: Vegan Hot Dog without a bun

Vegan Option 2: Vegan Burger without a bun

Vegan cheese and more options to come!


Julian Beer Co.

Option 1: Pizza without meat and cheese to make it vegan. They'll substitute a topping for the cheese which is awesome.

They are looking for a vegan cheese if you know a brand that's good.


Julian Tea Cottage

Has Vegan, Vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Be sure to tell them when you make your reservations.


Wynola Pizza

Vegetarian Option 1: Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian Option 2: Build your own pizza and add tofu

Vegan Option 1: Vegetarian Pizza with no cheese

Vegan Option 2: Sumi Salad

Vegan Option 3: Hummus with no cheese on the bread

Vegan Option 4: Build your own pizza with no cheese and add tofu.

They also have gluten free options.


Jeremy's On The Hill

Option 1: vegan (and gluten free) tempeh veggie loaf which can be an entree or quinoa bowl

Option 2: Soup of The Days

Option 3: Beyond Burgers

Option 4: Fresh Salad with no meat and/or cheese

Option 5: Brussel Sprouts

Option 6: Potato Fries


Soups and Such

Option 1: Avocado Toast topped with roasted red peppers

Option 2: Veggie Sandwich, no cheese, with fries

Option 3: Order one of their yummy salads without meat and cheese

Option 4: Vegan friendly soup

Heads up, the english muffins have whey.


Julian Grille

Option 1: Pasta Primavera


Juliantla Chocolate

Vegan Option 1: Any dark chocolate candy bars made by Juliantla Chocolate

Vegan Option 2: Check out their vegan treats section of the store

Vegan Option 3: Vegan apple pie and other yummy vegan confections.


Candied Apple Pastry Company

Vegan Option 1: For breakfast, the Kickstarter on non dairy bread, no egg, no cheese, add veggies, avocado, and potatoes not finished in bacon grease as your side.

Vegan Option 2: Roasted Vegetable Panini

Vegan Option 3: Spinach and Goat Salad without the goat cheese

Vegan Option 4: Italian Chicken Salad without chicken and or cheese


Mr. Manitas

Everything can be made vegetarian or vegan. Just ask for grilled veggies and no dairy.



Vegetarian Option 1: Veggie Plate (not vegan)

Vegetarian Option 2: House Salad with no meat

Vegan Option 1: Veggie Pizza without cheese

Vegan Option 2: House Salad with no meat and cheese

Vegan Option 3: Pasta Primavera with no parmesan


Apple Alley

Any pie with a pastry top is vegan. They do make items that are gluten free as well. It's recommend that you call ahead with your order, just so they can make sure they have exactly what you'd like.


Granny's Kitchen

Vegetarian Option 1: Vegetarian Biscuits and Hearty Pepper Gravy

Vegetarian Option 2: Any breakfast items, French Toast (made with Dudley's cinnamon pull apart bread), egg plate, fresh fruit bowl, etc can be served without meat.

Vegetarian Option 2: Field of Greens Salad

Vegan Option 1: Spring Rolls

Vegan Option 2: Field of Greens Salad served without the feta cheese

Vegan Option 3: They offer made-in-house vegan salsa-based dressing with any salad.

Vegan Option 4: Veggie Wrap made with house-made red pepper hummus, the vegan dressing and a slew of fresh veggies.

Vegan Option 5: Peanut Butter Cookie

**All information provided in this post was correct to the best of my knowledge at the time the post was published. Information provided in this post may change without notice. Please double-check with the individual business for the most up to date information.**


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