Ways to Get Involved in the Julian Community

Updated: Apr 10

Color Guard at Julian 4th of July Parade-Ways to Get Involved in the Julian Community

Volunteerism is the heart of the greater Julian area. We care for each other and the success of the community. Just about every need is filled by volunteers. There is not an organization in this town that will turn down a helping hand. Volunteering and attending community events is also an excellent way to make some new friends, gain a sense of greater purpose, and you’ll probably fall deeper in love with this place like us “old-timers.”

WARNING: This post is long! For a while now I have felt that our community needed one go-to list of resources for everyone to get involved. So I sat down and compiled this list. Our fantastic community uses grassroot organizations to fill any need, and that is why the post is so long. This community is just too AMAZING. Below are over forty ways you can get involved in Julian. YES! 40+ WAYS YOU CAN GET INVOLVED.

Seeing all 40+ community organizations that serve the greater Julian community makes me feel so proud to live here. The spirit of service is incredible. There really is a group for everyone. I hope this also inspires those who may not see a group that catches their interest right off the bat—please go start it! Julian is a place of opportunity. I am proof of that.

I often say, “What you put into the community is what you get out of it.” I have always believed that this community has helped me become who I am today. I am mountain made. (Pun totally intended.) After compiling this list, I feel even more convinced of that.

I encourage you to skim the list and reach out to an organization or two or three or ten and join their amazing efforts to make Julian the best it can be. I truly hope this post inspires you as much as it did me.

If volunteerism isn’t your thing, please support these community organizations through donations and by attending local events.

I also want to point out that all information I’ve provided is for normal business operations and not those modified in response to the pandemic. Please check with each individual organization for any COVID-related changes.

Local Government

School Boards - The greater Julian area has three school districts: Julian Union High School District (JUHSD), Julian Union Elementary School District (JUESD), and Spencer Valley School District. Each district is governed by a board of five elected community representatives who oversee school operations. Our schools are always in need of volunteers, board members, and financial contributions to various fundraising efforts.

Architectural Review Board of the Julian Historic District - The ARB consists of seven Julian residents appointed by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. This board uses the architectural design guidelines set forth by the Board of Supervisors to ensure the authentic look of the Julian Historic District. All new construction and exterior changes on any building within the Julian Historic District must be approved by the ARB prior to starting the project. The ARB meets once a month on the first Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. in the lower level of the Julian Town Hall.

Water District Boards- The greater Julian area has multiple water districts. Each district elects a board to oversee the operations. These boards are responsible for supplying their area with fresh water. Just to name a few: Julian Community Service District (JCSD), Majestic Pines Community Service District, Pine Hills Mutual Water Co., Cuyamaca Water District, Pine Hills Mutual