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I Spy My Way To Julian: Highway 78 East

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I Spy My Away to Julian, CA
Photo by Jennifer Gutierrez

Long drives can be boring with few entertainment options. As you make your way out of the city, there are lots to see on these backcountry roads so let’s play a game of I Spy on our way to Julian!

Before we start playing....for your safety and the safety of others on the road, PLEASE don't stop in the middle of the highway to get a better look at these and the many other San Diego hidden gems. If there is a safe place to pull over, make sure you are completely off the road. Now that we got that safety message our of the way, let's have some fun!

I Spy My Way To Julian along Highway 78 East...

Mountain Valley Ranch- Right before the turns begin as you leave downtown Ramona, on our left will be Mountain Valley Farm. Every October they have a large Pumpkin Patch and in December they sell Christmas trees.

Oasis Camel Dairy- Yes, you read that right, there are camels in San Diego County! Once a month Oasis Camel Dairy holds their Open Farms Says. You can feed and ride the camels, as well as buy the camel milk skincare products. As you drive by, look far out into the pastures, you may see a camel or two.

The Golden Eagle Horse Ranch- Just past the Camel Dairy on your left you will see the Golden Eagle Horse Ranch. The ranch is empty now, but several famous racehorses have come from here.

The Tulloch Ranch house- Down the road a bit you will pass a beautiful green farmhouse on your right. Across the street on their barn, you can find a quilt square for the Julian Backcountry Quilt Trail.

Star B Buffalo Ranch- Up next is the Star B Buffalo Ranch and Hop Farm (on your left). Occasionally you can see their buffalo grazing in the grass. Their hops are used by Julian Beer Company, Nickel Beer, and other craft brewers around the county.

The Santa Ysabel Store- Down the road a few miles in the Santa Ysabel Valley, you will find the Santa Ysabel Store just off the road on your right. This historic hidden gem built-in 1884 is one of those places you don't intend to come across, but once you do you are sure glad you did. The store is stocked with canned goods, home goods, and antiques, a favorite among the Hatch family.

The Old Road To Julian- As you make your way up the grade between Santa Ysabel and Wynola on the side of the road you may notice some cement patches. These patches are what’s left of the old road to Julian before the modern-day highway was put in.

Spencer Valley School House- As you drive through the historic settlement of Wynola look for the green school on your left. Dating back to 1876, the Spencer Valley School House has around 30 students making it the smallest school district in San Diego County.

You will arrive shortly! Enjoy the wide-open spaces, fresh air, and historical late 1800s charm.

*Check back for a link to I Spy My Way to Julian Along Highway 79 North.*


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