Hi! I'm Eva.

I'm a born and raised Julian local.


Spelling isn't my thing, but it doesn't stop me from defying gravity.  I am on a lifetime journey to become the best version of authentic myself. 


Today I'm having the time of my life living out the American Dream as an entrepreneur, elected official, and full-time commuter college student.  

In my free time, I love giving back to my community whenever possible.



Mountain Made, Julian, CA — Owner

July 2017 - PRESENT

Mountain Made is a merchandise manufacturer and creates tourism information about the San Diego backcountry.

Julian Mercantile and Julian Imports, Julian, CA — Cashier

August 2019 - PRESENT

Miner’s Diner, Julian, CA — Hostess

January 2016 - August 2019

Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District, Julian, CA — Board of Director

December 2018 - PRESENT

This is an elected position responsible for overseeing the JCFPD which provides fire protection and emergency medicine in the Julian-Cuyamaca area.


Julian 4th of July Parade Committee, Julian, CA — Volunteer

July 2010 - PRESENT


From a young age, I have been very involved in my local community. This has really developed my passion for serving my community. About three years ago, I realized that I needed to serve my community in a new way. The local community really needed a resource for those who live in the area as well as destination information for visitors. I began blogging on this topic. As I began sharing my hometown with the world, I realized that I really have a passion for the rural lifestyle. I hope to grow this passion by learning canning, farming, and modern homesteading. 

In grade school, I believed that I would never be successful because I struggled academically. Thankfully I no longer believe this negative self-talk. My volunteer work led me to want a career in emergency management. I have not given up on this possible but I have found a new path I want to pursue. In 2017, I started a small handmade merchandise business. I really love it and the destination marking work I am also doing. I am actively pursuing my goal to own a brick and mortar store. I also plan to continue to grow my blog. 

My parents really instilled traditional values into me. I am so grateful for this. In our house respect was expected at all times. Even though I am older I still give and respect to receive it. As I mentioned earlier, serving others is very important to me. I believe to whom much is given much is expected. When I can, I serve others in a variety of ways. Lastly, I value responsibility. In small towns, there are lots of people to help keep you on the right path. I always follow through with my commitments. 

Unlike most college students I am not actively looking for a job because I am creating my dream career. I am and plan to continue to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Currently, I am looking for ways that I can keep my costs low while increasing my revenue to make the business profitable. In the next 1 to 3 years I hope to open a brick and mortar store. 

Entrepreneurship has really developed my skills. I am very organized. Having to meet deadlines has helped me become very punctual. Whether I have to be at a meeting or deliver an order by a certain deadline my ability to be timely affects my brand reputation. Being a people person I really care about people and I am always willing to help them. Even though I have made great strides in my personal development I still have areas I need to improve. I have lots of surface friendships. I want to work on having deep conversations and long-lasting relationships. Struggling with maintaining relationships also affects the kind of team member I am. I hope to become better at working with people. Lastly, I feel like our modern culture has made me more casual. I want to be more professional. 

I often tell people that my best friends and mentors don’t know I exist because they don’t know me. I believe there is a big misconception that we must personally know our mentors. I came across one of Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram posts shortly after I started my business. Jenna has taught me so much about how to be an entrepreneur. Most especially how to have a work-life balance. I discovered Rachel Hollis about 2 years ago through Jenna. Over the last 15 years, she has grown her small business into a multi-million dollar company with a high school diploma. She has helped me develop myself. Finally, after hearing Sara’s story on a podcast, I have mostly stopped laughing. I just love how authentic she is. She has the courage to do what most don’t.

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Hi! I'm Eva.

I'm having the time of my life living out the American Dream as an entrepreneur, elected official, and full-time commuter college student.

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