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Floating City Podcast #11: Eva Hatch

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Julian's local tour guide Eva Hatch sits down on the Floating City Podcast to discuss all things Julian, CA and Mountain Made.

Y'all! I did my first podcast interview.

Alex, a fellow Julian resident, started Floating City Podcast about a year ago. He interviews entrepreneurs and artists that are changing the world with their craft. A while back he asked me to be on the show and after lots of persuasion, I finally said yes.

I really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with a different form of content.

The interview is available on YouTube (partial interview) or Apple Podcast (entire interview). Without further-a-due, here is Floating City Podcast #11: Eva Hatch...

Eva is an all-American, small-town girl, raised in the San Diego backcountry (Julian, Ca) and has started quite a successful career selling her own Julian made candles and creates content for people that visit or live in the back country. She is a young, and driven entrepreneur and she shares her background on how to succeed as a special education student as well as her vision for the future. This episode is great as an inspiration to start your own project/business, and also if you're a young person wanting to to figure out what to do with your life moving forward.

Interview Outline:

00:00 Intro

02:29 How long have you lived in Julian?

03:00 When did you start loving living in Julian?

04:15 When did you start dreaming of Mountain Made?

06:30 Who is the Mountain Made Blog Geared towards?

10:50 When did you fall back in love with life in Julian?

12:00 What special needs did you have growing up?

13:40 What did you study in school and your college experience?

16:00 What extracurricular activities were you involved in?

20:00 Let's talk about the Mountain Made product line. Why candles?

22:00 What ingredients do you use?

23:00 How did you come up with the fragrance names?

24:00 What size candle do you carry?

26:30 What is your vision for Mountain Made?

27:30 What are you up to next?

28:40 Any upcoming projects?

29:20 Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

33:30 Ending message, "I realized that I was the somebody in the saying someone should do something."

Mountain Made's hand-poured candles are made in Julian, CA

The Mountain Made product line is available at a number of small businesses throughout San Diego County and in our online store. Podcast listeners can discount code floatingcitypocast to get 10% off purchases only made on

Thank you for listening!


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