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Signs You Were Born and Raised In Julian

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

This photo is copyright of Jennifer Gutierrez. © 2019 - 2022 by Jennifer Gutierrez.

Growing up in a small-town is something the city kids will just never understand. There's no 7/11 or RedBox. For most kids, living in a dot-on-the-map town means only one thing: they can’t wait to leave. For me, living in Julian is all I’ve ever really known, so I embraced it. (See the photo of my senior yearbook above.) Whether you hate it or love it us Julian kids will never forget our roots or the silly things we had to put up with growing up, because that’s just how things were—and still are! Without further ado, let’s dive into 30+ signs that prove you were born and raised in Julian, CA.

  1. Your parents always knew what trouble you got into during the day before you could even get home to tell your side of the story.

  2. You're used to making at least a thirty-minute drive to the grocery store or a nice restaurant for dinner.

  3. People always say, "I can't wait to leave here!" but they never really leave, or they come back shortly after moving out of town.

  4. Your mother worked at the school.

  5. You can call any restaurant in town, and they will know your “usual” as soon as you give them your name.

  6. Owning a gun is normal...for most of us.

  7. Your neighbor walks his horse like it’s a dog.

  8. You hardly ever eat pie even though your town is world-famous for pie.

  9. You refer to anywhere in San Diego as “down the hill.”

  10. You're used to your teachers and superintendent being at your friends’ birthday parties.

  11. You can name every person in your graduating class.

  12. You never carried a key for your house because it was always unlocked.

  13. Getting a new kid at school was HUGE news.

  14. You are a pro at tricking the automated checkout program that “can’t” ship to PO boxes into thinking your package is coming to a physical address by hiding the PO Box number in the apartment number field.

  15. You always say, "There is nothing to do here!"

  16. You more than likely had a decent-sized backyard.

  17. Bro-Code doesn’t exist. It’s almost impossible to not date your friend’s ex.

  18. You find it unacceptable not to be at least acquainted with your neighbors.

  19. Your college applications looked really good because you participated in all the clubs and sports teams and won a lot of scholarships. People praised your efforts, but really, there was just nothing better to do.

  20. You know where all the road turnouts and passing zones are.

  21. Even if you live in a big city now, you're a little paranoid about whom you can trust with your secrets.

  22. You expect to run into your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend around town.

  23. You know every curve on Highways 78 and 79.

  24. You survived Mr. Muson’s History and English classes.

  25. It isn’t abnormal to see five-year-olds biking or walking around the streets of Julian, because it’s just that safe.

  26. You had a designated senior ditch day in high school.

  27. You get mad when you ask a visitor where they are from and the response is “San Diego.” Ummm, Julian is in San Diego, what part? “San Diego.” Whatever.

  28. You CANNOT go anywhere without running into at least one person you know when you're out to dinner, going to the post office... or going anywhere in town, really.

  29. You made the front page of the local newspaper like 371 times. In addition, there’s always room for letters to the editor, so you're also a published author.

  30. You've given directions that included something like, "You'll turn right a little past the gas station, but if you pass the school, you missed it."

  31. You might have hated it at times, but all in all, it was a great place to grow up, and deep down, you’re damn proud to be from Julian, CA.


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