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Best Spots to Take a Pictures At In Julian, CA

Your trip to Julian is definitely an Instagramable moment. So ladies, do your hair, touch up your make-up, and wear a cute outfit. Gents, brush your hair and spray some wrinkle release on your shirt. Whether you are looking for a quick shot to document your trip or having a full-on photo shoot, there are many photo-ready locations. Here are a few of my personal favorites:


Miner’s Diner


Both inside and out, this place is incredibly photogenic! On the outside, the original 1886 white brick walls make for the perfect background with a touch of texture. As you walk up the steps, look back at the camera. Now inside, where do I start? There are original exposed brick walls; a 1929 soda fountain; fun booth and traditional table seating; walls are covered in antiques. Clearly, the list goes on because I haven’t even described their candy store in the back.


The Julian Town Hall


With a farm-style front porch and a combination of cement, wood, and brick accents, there are plenty of backdrops in this place. My favorite is the payphone! Julian has two functional payphones. (The second payphone is in front of the Julian Market & Deli.)


The Julian Cider Mill

Julian Cider Mill
Julian Cider Mill

As you can see from my example, the windows, exposed wood, brick, and lighting make this a creative place to take a photo.


The Old Bank Building

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Julian, Ca

Once the home of the town bank, this building now sits empty. Hence why it doesn’t have a name of its own. The exposed brick on the side makes it a great place to snap a photo with a simple yet interesting backdrop.


The W.E. Cole Building


As you walk past, this building may not seem like a dream backdrop. Just a few steps down the building’s hallway you will find an L staircase and a balcony. At golden hour, this place glows. The staircase and balcony make for the perfect setting for a variety of poses, and perhaps sets the stage for a romantic theme.


Lake Cuyamaca


The Lake is every bit a part of Julian; just because it’s not located directly on Main Street doesn’t mean it loses all potential. A short drive outside of town takes you to the heart of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. The area near the Lake offers beautiful water, meadows, and wooded backdrops. You can also find a variety of color palettes and light exposures here.

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