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Fake It Till You Make It

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

“Fake it till you make it” has been probably one of my most lived by sayings. It’s considered taboo to publicly talk about personal and business finances in our culture. I’ve always been a risk taker and believer in keeping it real so here we go! When I started Mountain Made I left my well paying part-time job in town. Since then I have been supporting myself by babysitting, dog sitting, and a few other side jobs.

Over the summer I sold very few candles and I hardly worked much at my “day jobs.” In an attempt to be proactive I decided to start making fall candles. After buying all the materials I need for the fall candle line I had $3.36 in my business bank account. For once, I was ahead of the game and had a nice stock of candles ready. Feeling good, I notified my wholesale customers about our fall line being ready early...and not one of them were ready to order. Panic set it.

“Should I have accepted that exclusive offer?”

“I should have waited to make candles until I knew what everyone was ordering.”

“Maybe I should stop making candles and focus on my blog for now.”

“What if I overdraft my bank account by accident?”

“Are my prices too high? Do I need to find a way to lower them?”

“What do I do with all these candles?”

By the grace of God, within two weeks I gained four new wholesale customers, sold over $600 in candles, and got my first (and second) online order from a stranger. It’s safe to say, I have not only accomplished my goal of matching the exclusive offer I turned down, I’ve over tripled less than a month. Moral of the story, don’t give up! You can handle any challenge that is thrown at you.

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