My Favorite Shops Near Julian, CA

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The San Diego Backcountry community of Julian is known for apple pie and hills of gold. This charming historical town and surrounding neighborhoods have some of the most unique shops in the county. From art galleries to antiques, and souvenir shops you're sure to fall in love with our local shops as much as I have. In no particular order here are a few of my favorite places to shop in Julian, CA.

Santa Ysabel General Store

Nestled in the beautiful Santa Ysabel Valley where Highways 78 and 79 meet sits the historic 1884 Santa Ysabel General Store. This hidden gem is one of those places you don’t expect to come across, but once you do, you are sure glad you did. Today, the non-profit Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO) owns the store and the barn in the back. They have restored San Diego’s only remaining false-front adobe building to its original beauty. The store is stocked with canned goods, home goods, and of course, antiques.

Oak and Olive

Right next door to the Santa Ysabel General Store is the newest Julian-area antique shop, Oak and Olive. They have a wonderful variety of great old gems and new gifts.

The Barn Vintage MarketPlace

Are you in the market for an industrial, primitive, rustic, farmhouse, and/or unique piece of home décor? The Barn Vintage Marketplace is sure to have something you've been looking for. This mother-and-daughter-run business is unstoppable, and the owners are eager to help you find something you love. They are constantly looking for original pieces for the market. Stop by on your way to Julian!

Candy Mine

Hidden in the basement of Miner’s Diner is Julian’s famous candy store, the Candy Mine.

This miners-inspired candy store is like no other you have been in. It’s stocked full of classic candies like gum cigarettes and wax bottles as well as modern-day favorites. Watch out for the sound of dynamite—it might catch you by surprise!

Oakwood Creek